Monday, April 20, 2009

A little like AIG.....

Goldman has been accused by various reputable publications of profiting twice from the AIG bailout, by hedging against AIG on one side, and getting paid $12.9 billion on counterparty obligations of AIG by our government on the other side. Maybe they learned the trick in SemGroup

You see, they hedged against SemGroup. At the same time, J. Aron bought oil from Semgroup. The day before the bankruptcy, J. Aron terminated the trading agreements (see below) and netted out $350 million owed to SemGroup. Now who got hurt? The producers who sold the oil to SemGroup in June and July did not get paid because SemGroup did not get paid. So the people who worked and sweated their butts off to get the oil out of the ground have recieved no payment for the highest price oil in history. But J. Aron did. And the public got to pay $3.50 a gallon.

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